Our Clients' Stories

They are students, activists, educators, police officers, elected officials and ordinary citizens. They are our clients and here are some of their stories.

From the Back of the Bus to the Back of a Police Car - An Ordinary Ride After School Turns Ugly

sm_fitchette: Khaliah Fitchette

By the time her junior year rolled around, Khaliah Fitchette had already planted the seeds to a promising future.The Newark teenager was the junior class president at University High School and an honor roll student who was already thinking about college.But her dreams nearly shattered after Newark Police yanked her off a public bus on March 22, 2010 and illegally handcuffed and detained her for filming them on a bus. More »

Officer Reinstated In Job After Answering Questions About Her Gender Identity


Her evening out with a co-worker was going so well that E.M. felt safe enough to confide in him. E.M. told her co-worker that she was transgender, an intimate detail that she did not share at her job as a federal law enforcement officer. One month later, in December 2010 E.M. was suddenly pulled from full duty and had her weapon, gun belt and badges removed because of an unspecified issue pertaining to her background. E.M. quickly discovered that the issue had to do with her gender status. More »

He Spent 418 Days in Prison for a Crime He Did Not Commit

Joel Barnes_sm: Joel Barnes_sm

It was an ideal summer afternoon for a barbecue at his grandmother's house. Joel Barnes, a lifelong Camden resident, stopped by a friend's house to ask for help setting up the barbecue. But his visit that afternoon on August 2, 2008 took a dark turn when Camden Police officers raided the home in search of illegal drugs.Barnes, along with the other occupants in the house, was herded into the kitchen. An officer slipped handcuffs on Barnes and emptied his pockets, fishing out a cellphone, money and house keys. There were no drugs. Even so, Barnes, then 26, was led in handcuffs to a police van, where he waited for an hour. More »

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