The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey works to defend and protect the liberties of individuals throughout our state. We achieve our goals through litigation, advocacy on behalf of individuals, and lobbying. In addition, the ACLU-NJ is active in many public education and community organizing projects.

How Can Volunteers Contribute?

Volunteers and interns do a lot of the invaluable work of the ACLU-NJ. As a volunteer, you can help promote civil liberties through recruiting new members at fairs and events, assisting staff with important office work, and mobilizing support on decisive legislative issues. The ACLU appreciates the time volunteers contribute to expand our efforts and we have important and satisfying work for you to do.

Here's how you can get involved:

In the Office

By working in our office, volunteers will gain a first hand experience of the ACLU-NJ work environment.

  • Our volunteers answer phones, file, manage mail, and organize and update our databases.
  • When possible we give volunteers substantive and interesting assignments.
  • We need dedicated volunteers who can commit to working on specific days for a certain number of hours each week, specifically during business hours.

Events and Outreach

As an active public education organization, the ACLU-NJ reaches out to communities across New Jersey to inform the public about our work preserving civil liberties. This is a great opportunity to learn about our campaigns, and help carry out our mission to uphold civil liberties.

  • We need volunteers to table at community events across the state - at street fairs, festivals, parades and other events.
  • Events vary from the annual Supreme Court Briefing and other, smaller events throughout the year, such as meet and greet parties and rallies.
  • Volunteers need to be available during evenings or weekends for these events.

Volunteering from Home

You can still help, even if you don't come into the office.

  • Clip newspaper articles that mention civil liberties issues or the ACLU-NJ from local newspapers
  • Write letters to the editor about civil liberties in local papers.
  • Work with community groups to pass pro-civil liberties resolutions in their communities.
  • Host house parties for their friends with an ACLU-NJ speaker

Overall, volunteering with the ACLU-NJ will not only be very beneficial to us, but it will provide you with a practical understanding of constitutional law, a greater awareness of resources that can be used to resolve issues, develop communicational skills and an opportunity to participate in multiple events. You can start making a difference by filling out the Volunteer Inquiry Form.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey.

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