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The ACLU-NJ Website in its entirety is copyrighted by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey and the American Civil Liberties Union-NJ Foundation.

Many legal documents on are in the public record, having been submitted to a court, or are the rulings of courts. The presentation of these documents on the website is the copyright of the ACLU-NJ, while the underlying text is a public record. See more about public records below.

Permission is freely granted to create record or reference copies of pages of this web site for research and study. You may download, print, and make copies of these materials for research, teaching, and private study. Many of the materials on the site are designed to be printed and distributed locally for purposes of activism, and may be distributed widely as long as they provide proper attribution

Commercial print reproduction, such as for use in a course syllabus, or in print publication, or duplication of the materials on this website through mirroring or use on another website must be requested in advance.

Noncommercial print reproduction, such as for use by community activists, local ACLU chapters and activists, and student and noncommercial newspapers or student coursework is granted on a blanket basis, and should be accompanied by the following statement:

Copyright 2014 [or other year indicated], American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

Reprinted with permission of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

Noncommercial reprinters may wish to contact us to confirm that an item is the most up to date, and may do so by sending an e-mail to

Requests for commercial reproduction should include the following information, and should be sent by e-mail to

  • A complete description of the material requested - this can be the url from the website, specifying what sections or paragraphs are to be used, or the citation of the printed publication from which the material originates.
  • Title, author, projected publishing date, and publisher of the work.
  • Type of work and intended audience (classroom materials, journal article, magazine, CD-ROM).
  • Manner of distribution (brochure, hardcover or paperback book, periodical).
  • Length or number of pages in the work in which the material will appear, retail price, and approximate size of first printing or circulation.
  • Rights being requested (nonexclusive only; U.S., specified countries or languages, or world).
  • Commercial reprint requesters will expedite a response by including a reply fax number, and by preparing this information in a form letter that includes a signature line and date.
  • Unless specifically labeled otherwise, materals presented on this web site are intended for no cost or at cost distribution by local civil liberties activists. As long as they are not modified before distribution, no permission is required to use or distribute these materials.

Public Records

We make it a practice to mark as copyrighted the presentation of various types of public records, including selected court decisions, case transcripts, and legal briefs. Each of these types of documents, along with congressional testimony, have become part of the public record, and are often, but not always, available from government or commercial sources. Our use of a copyright statement in these cases is intended to protect the enhancement of the text for web presentation and its inclusion in our overall website. Researchers and reprinters who wish to use such documents do not need to seek permissions regarding public records, but may prefer to obtain such documents directly from their sources.


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