Gary Nissenbaum is a graduate of Rutgers Law School in Newark. He is the founder and managing principal of the Nissenbaum Law Group, a commercial law firm with offices in Union, New Jersey. The firm also has offices in Manhattan, Philadelphia and Dallas. It focuses on representing business clients in both complex commercial litigation and transactions.

Mr. Nissenbaum is a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey. As a cooperating attorney for that organization, he has challenged the secrecy of the Office of Homeland Security’s Potential Threat Element program; sought documents concerning the Pentagon’s surveillance of student demonstrators at William Paterson University; and defended the First Amendment rights of the students publishing the Montclair State University student newspaper.

Mr. Nissenbaum has also published a number of articles for New Jersey Lawyer Magazine on civil liberties issues. He writes and edits his law firm’s numerous legal blogs and is a frequent speaker to community groups on civil liberties concerns and other legal matters.