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  1. An Exploratory Study of the Use of Confidential Informants in New Jersey

    June 1, 2011PublicationCriminal Legal System, Police & Law Enforcement
  2. A Guide to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act

    October 16, 2011Know Your RightsDemocracy & Civic Engagement
  3. Police Toolkit: Investigate Your Local Police Department

    September 9, 2011PublicationPolice & Law Enforcement, Government Transparency, Democracy & Civic Engagement, Criminal Legal System, Racial & Economic Justice
  4. Sojourner A. v. New Jersey Department of Human Services

    June 3, 2011CaseGender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom
  5. NAACP v. Harvey

    June 13, 2011CaseDiscrimination, Voting Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Criminal Legal System, Democracy & Civic Engagement
  6. Tarus v. Borough of Pine Hill

    June 28, 2011CaseFree Speech & Expression, Government Transparency, Democracy & Civic Engagement
  7. Planned Parenthood v. Verniero

    July 2, 2011CaseGender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom, Abortion Access
  8. Planned Parenthood of Central NJ v. Farmer

    July 3, 2011CaseGender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom, Students' & Youth Rights, Abortion Access
  9. State v. Reid

    July 13, 2011CasePrivacy, Speech, Privacy & Technology
  10. Morka et al. v. State of New Jersey

    August 6, 2011CasePolice & Law Enforcement, Criminal Legal System