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  1. ACLU-NJ Statement on Civilian Complaint Review Board in Newark

    March 5, 2013Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement
  2. ACLU Launches Nationwide Investigation into Police Use of Military Technology & Tactics

    March 6, 2013Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement
  3. ACLU-NJ Praises Newark’s Adoption of Stop-and-Frisk Transparency Policy

    July 9, 2013Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement, Students' & Youth Rights
  4. ACLU-NJ Welcomes First Set of Newark “Stop-and-Frisk” Data, Hopes Police’s Reports Will Go Further

    August 15, 2013Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement
  5. Giving thanks for defenders of civil liberties

    November 27, 2013Press releaseCriminal Legal System, , Immigrants' Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Police & Law Enforcement, Students' & Youth Rights
  6. ACLU-NJ Statements on NYPD Surveillance and Tuition

    June 17, 2013Press releaseSpeech, Privacy & Technology, Police & Law Enforcement, Immigrants' Rights, Religious Freedom
  7. The Crisis Continues Inside Police Internal Affairs

    February 12, 2013PublicationPolice & Law Enforcement, Government Transparency, Criminal Legal System
  8. ACLU-NJ Report Reveals Persistent Problems in Internal Affairs Statewide

    February 12, 2013Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement