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  1. Camden Agrees to Pay $3.5M to Victims of Police Corruption

    January 10, 2013Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  2. ACLU-NJ Argues in Support of Defendant’s Rights During Sentencing Hearing

    April 29, 2013Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  3. ACLU Report Reveals that Black New Jerseyans are more Likely to be Arrested for Marijuana Possession Despite Equal Usage Rates

    June 5, 2013Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Discrimination
  4. Statement from the ACLU-NJ on the Opportunity to Compete Act

    June 14, 2013Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  5. ACLU-NJ Statement on Joint Committee on Criminal Justice Report

    March 20, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  6. ACLU-NJ urges end to exorbitant phone rates from NJ corrections facilities

    April 30, 2014Press release, Criminal Legal System, Prisons & Jails
  7. ACLU-NJ Statement on NJ Supreme Court Ruling on Illegal Search of Home

    May 19, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  8. N.J. Supreme Court Recognizes Right to Self-Representation for Individuals Facing Civil Commitment

    July 24, 2014Press releasePrisons & Jails, Criminal Legal System
  9. ACLU-NJ hails passage of NJ bail reform as historic day for civil rights

    August 4, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  10. NJ Appellate Division dismisses contempt finding against ACLU-NJ client who refused to remove religious head-covering in court

    August 19, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Religious Freedom