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  1. ACLU-NJ Hails Senate Votes on Financial Aid for Immigrant Students & Police Accountability

    March 26, 2018Press releaseStudents' & Youth Rights, Police & Law Enforcement, Immigrants' Rights, Criminal Legal System
  2. ACLU-NJ Report: NJ Dramatically Underuses Programs to Divert Children from Justice System

    January 18, 2018Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Discrimination, Police & Law Enforcement, Students' & Youth Rights
  3. Mark Hopkins: Searching for Human Connection in Solitary

    December 10, 2018News updateCriminal Legal System, Prisons & Jails, Racial & Economic Justice, Students' & Youth Rights
  4. Ed Barocas, an NJ Legal Giant, Retires as ACLU-NJ Legal Director

    October 16, 2018Press releaseAbortion Access, Religious Freedom, Privacy, Prisons & Jails, Police & Law Enforcement, Government Transparency, , LGBTQ+ Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Free Speech & Expression, Voting Rights, , Discrimination, Speech, Privacy & Technology, Criminal Legal System, , Students' & Youth Rights
  5. Missed Opportunities: Youth Diversionary Programs in New Jersey, An ACLU-NJ Report

    January 31, 2018PublicationStudents' & Youth Rights, Criminal Legal System
  6. State in the interest of C.K.

    June 27, 2018CaseCriminal Legal System, Students' & Youth Rights
  7. Adam X v. NJ Departments of Corrections and Education

    June 29, 2018CaseStudents' & Youth Rights, Disability Rights, Prisons & Jails, Criminal Legal System
  8. State in the interest of J.A.

    June 27, 2018CaseCriminal Legal System, Students' & Youth Rights