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  1. ACLU of New Jersey Urges Governor and Legislature to Prioritize Equity in FY23 Budget

    March 8, 2022Press releaseRacial & Economic Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Housing, Immigration Enforcement & Detention, Drug Decriminalization
  2. New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform

    March 9, 2022PageDrug Decriminalization
  3. Abolish the Drug War NJ

    March 9, 2022PageDrug Decriminalization
  4. Communities Should Decide How Cannabis Revenue is Spent

    March 1, 2022News updateRacial & Economic Justice, Drug Decriminalization, Government Transparency
  5. Still Unequal, Still Unfair: An Update on New Jersey’s Marijuana Arrests

    November 15, 2019PublicationDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice, Criminal Legal System
  6. ACLU-NJ's Cannabis Equity Recommendations

    August 5, 2021PublicationDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice
  7. Joye, et al. v. Hunterdon Central Regional High School

    May 30, 2011CaseStudents' & Youth Rights, Drug Decriminalization, Speech, Privacy & Technology
  8. Advocacy Organizations Respond to Formation of Legislative Committee to Review Implementation of Marijuana Legalization

    March 30, 2022Press releaseDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice
  9. NJ CAN 2020: A Win for Cannabis Legalization

    March 17, 2022CampaignDrug Decriminalization
  10. On 420, the ACLU-NJ Urges Lawmakers to Prioritize Equity and Racial Justice in Cannabis Community Reinvestment

    April 20, 2022Press releaseDrug Decriminalization