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  1. ACLU-NJ Statement on Joint Committee on Criminal Justice Report

    March 20, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  2. ACLU-NJ urges end to exorbitant phone rates from NJ corrections facilities

    April 30, 2014Press release, Criminal Legal System, Prisons & Jails
  3. ACLU-NJ Statement on NJ Supreme Court Ruling on Illegal Search of Home

    May 19, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  4. N.J. Supreme Court Recognizes Right to Self-Representation for Individuals Facing Civil Commitment

    July 24, 2014Press releasePrisons & Jails, Criminal Legal System
  5. ACLU-NJ hails passage of NJ bail reform as historic day for civil rights

    August 4, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  6. NJ Appellate Division dismisses contempt finding against ACLU-NJ client who refused to remove religious head-covering in court

    August 19, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Religious Freedom
  7. ACLU-NJ on prosecution of Sayreville football players as juveniles

    November 10, 2014Press releaseStudents' & Youth Rights, Criminal Legal System
  8. Statement on Release of Monmouth County Jail Video

    November 24, 2014Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement, Criminal Legal System, Prisons & Jails
  9. Removal of Trenton Mural Raises Concerns

    November 25, 2014Press releaseFree Speech & Expression, Criminal Legal System, Police & Law Enforcement
  10. Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement Praises

    December 2, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Prisons & Jails