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  1. ACLU-NJ Applauds Enactment of Law Tackling Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers

    January 23, 2014Press releaseDiscrimination, Abortion Access
  2. ACLU-NJ: We Congratulate New Governor and Hope to Advance Civil Rights and Liberties

    January 16, 2018Press releaseAbortion Access, Immigrants' Rights, Voting Rights, , Discrimination, Criminal Legal System,
  3. Family Planning Funding on the Horizon After Long Battle in Trenton

    February 15, 2018Press releaseAbortion Access
  4. NJ Budget: Family Planning, Marijuana Legalization & Lawyers for Immigration Are Key

    March 12, 2018Press releaseAbortion Access, Immigrants' Rights, Discrimination, Criminal Legal System
  5. Where Do the 12th Congressional District Candidates Stand on Civil Rights and Liberties Issues

    May 30, 2014Press releaseAbortion Access, Religious Freedom, Privacy, Prisons & Jails, Police & Law Enforcement, Government Transparency, , Immigrants' Rights, Free Speech & Expression, Voting Rights, , Discrimination, Speech, Privacy & Technology, Criminal Legal System,
  6. ACLU-NJ Demands Pharmacies End Discrimination in Sales of Emergency Contraception

    May 30, 2012Press releaseAbortion Access, Discrimination
  7. ACLU-NJ and National ACLU File Brief in Support of Woman’s Right to Make Medical Decisions During Pregnancy

    January 6, 2014Press releaseDiscrimination, Criminal Legal System, Abortion Access
  8. Rite Aid Apologizes to ACLU-NJ Client Who Was Denied Plan B at Store

    June 1, 2012Press releaseAbortion Access, Discrimination
  9. ACLU-NJ Scorecard Shows Mixed Civil Liberties Records

    October 19, 2017Press release, Criminal Legal System, Discrimination, , Free Speech & Expression, LGBTQ+ Rights, Government Transparency, Police & Law Enforcement, Prisons & Jails, Abortion Access, Students' & Youth Rights
  10. Rights are Not Enough — We Must Advance Equity by Removing Barriers to Reproductive Health Care

    November 8, 2021Press releaseAbortion Access, Gender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom