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  1. Thomas & Newsome v. Paterson

    December 10, 2021CaseFree Speech & Expression, Police & Law Enforcement, Democracy & Civic Engagement, Racial & Economic Justice
  2. DeGise v. Torres

    December 13, 2021CaseFree Speech & Expression, Democracy & Civic Engagement
  3. A Guide to the New Jersey Sunshine Law

    October 16, 2011Know Your RightsDemocracy & Civic Engagement
  4. When Public Officials Censor You on Social Media

    June 1, 2018Know Your RightsSpeech, Privacy & Technology, Free Speech & Expression, Democracy & Civic Engagement
  5. Activists, represented by the ACLU-NJ, Win Dismissal of Order Restraining Protests Outside County Executive’s House

    June 10, 2022Press releaseDemocracy & Civic Engagement, Free Speech & Expression, Speech, Privacy & Technology
  6. ACLU of New Jersey Launches Automated Injustice Project to Investigate Effect of Government Algorithms

    August 2, 2022Press releaseGovernment Transparency, Democracy & Civic Engagement, Speech, Privacy & Technology
  7. Court Vacancies Don’t Just Impact The Law. They Impact Our Lives.

    August 25, 2022News updateDemocracy & Civic Engagement, Criminal Legal System