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  1. The Start of Recreational Cannabis Sales is a Big Moment. Budget Season Might be a Bigger One.

    April 20, 2022News updateDrug Decriminalization
  2. Drug Reform Advocates Call On Lawmakers To Ensure Participatory And Transparent Allocation Process For Cannabis Community Reinvestment Funds

    May 18, 2022Press releaseDrug Decriminalization
  3. A Budget Must Reflect Our Values, and That Means Investing in Communities

    June 21, 2022News updateRacial & Economic Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Housing, Drug Decriminalization, Immigration Enforcement & Detention, Language Access & Accessibility
  4. State v. Sheira & State v. Gomes

    November 24, 2021CaseDrug Decriminalization
  5. United States v. Lewis

    March 21, 2022CaseDecarceration, Drug Decriminalization
  6. Towns Have the Power to Put Justice in Cannabis Legalization — They Must Use It

    July 4, 2022News updateDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice
  7. ACLU-NJ Issues Recommendations to Create an Inclusive Cannabis Industry, Urges CRC to Prioritize Equity in Adopting Final Regulations

    August 16, 2022Press releaseDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice
  8. The Countdown Begins to Make Equitable Cannabis Industry Possible

    August 16, 2022News updateDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice
  9. Cannabis Legalization: What It Means for You and Your Rights

    February 25, 2022Know Your RightsDrug Decriminalization, Racial & Economic Justice, Criminal Legal System