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  1. Bergen Man Close to Victory in Ending Unconstitutional Sign Limits

    September 22, 2016Press releaseFree Speech & Expression, Voting Rights
  2. ACLU-NJ Wins Injunction in New Brunswick Ban on Begging

    December 22, 2014Press releaseFree Speech & Expression, , Criminal Legal System
  3. Newark Police Settles Lawsuit Over the Arrest of Teen with Cellphone Video

    November 19, 2012Press releaseFree Speech & Expression, Police & Law Enforcement
  4. Policy Sparked by ACLU-NJ Suit Protects Right to Film Cops

    January 19, 2017Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement, Free Speech & Expression, Criminal Legal System
  5. Anti-Boycott Bill Harms Speech & Creates Blacklists, ACLU-NJ Says

    June 8, 2016Press releaseFree Speech & Expression
  6. Middletown Rally Sends Message Chilling Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    October 21, 2016Press releaseStudents' & Youth Rights, Police & Law Enforcement, Free Speech & Expression
  7. City's anti-panhandling ordinance unlawfully targets NJ's vulnerable

    January 11, 2019Press release, Discrimination, Free Speech & Expression, Racial & Economic Justice
  8. ACLU-NJ Files Brief in Case Defending Protesters Subjected to Unconstitutional Restraining Order Outside County Executive’s House

    October 4, 2021Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Free Speech & Expression
  9. ACLU-NJ Defends Demonstrators Against Officials’ Efforts to Silence Protests About Hudson County’s ICE Contract

    April 27, 2021Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Free Speech & Expression
  10. Court Halts Enforcement of Donor Disclosure Law Over Constitutional Concerns

    October 2, 2019Press releaseFree Speech & Expression