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  1. Statement Regarding the Detention of Immigrants at Hudson County Correctional Facility

    October 11, 2018Press releaseGovernment Transparency, Immigrants' Rights, Prisons & Jails
  2. AG Guidance Advises Weighing Impact of a Marijuana Prosecution

    August 28, 2018Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  3. Religious Leaders Sue to Void Hudson County’s Non-Transparent ICE Vote

    August 27, 2018Press releaseGovernment Transparency, Immigrants' Rights
  4. Newark Needs to End Its Livestreaming Mass Surveillance Program

    April 26, 2018Press releaseSpeech, Privacy & Technology, Police & Law Enforcement, Privacy
  5. ACLU-NJ Report Reveals Abuse and Overuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture in New Jersey

    December 11, 2018Press releasePolice & Law Enforcement