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  1. How the Government Relies on Algorithms to Allocate Healthcare Benefits – and Why These Secret Formulas Threaten Patients’ Fundamental Rights

    August 9, 2022News updateSpeech, Privacy & Technology, Racial & Economic Justice, Disability Rights
  2. We’ve Called for a Total Ban on the Use of Facial Recognition by Law Enforcement – Here’s Why

    August 18, 2022News updateSpeech, Privacy & Technology
  3. How New Jersey Used an Algorithm To Drastically Reduce Its Jail Population – And Why It Might Not Be the Right Tool for the Job

    August 30, 2022News updateSpeech, Privacy & Technology
  4. New Jersey Relies on an Algorithm to Determine Benefits for Survivors of Domestic Violence – But Should It Be Used at All?

    August 16, 2022News updateSpeech, Privacy & Technology
  5. Why the ACLU-NJ's Automated Injustice Project is Investigating Government Algorithms and their Effect on all New Jerseyans

    August 2, 2022News updateSpeech, Privacy & Technology
  6. "Abortion means so many things when you're in need of one"

    September 20, 2022News updateAbortion Access, Gender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom
  7. We Know What Makes Students Safe, Secure, and Ready to Learn. It’s Not Cops.

    September 6, 2022News updatePolice & Law Enforcement, Students' & Youth Rights
  8. The Police Licensing Law is More Than a Milestone. It’s a Springboard for Action.

    October 4, 2022News updatePolice & Law Enforcement, Racial & Economic Justice
  9. An Update on Reproductive Rights in New Jersey

    October 18, 2022News updateAbortion Access, Gender, Sexuality & Reproductive Freedom
  10. Pursuing Justice: Our Strategic Framework

    October 20, 2022News updateRacial & Economic Justice