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  1. Where Do the 12th Congressional District Candidates Stand on Civil Rights and Liberties Issues

    May 30, 2014Press releaseAbortion Access, Religious Freedom, Privacy, Prisons & Jails, Police & Law Enforcement, Government Transparency, , Immigrants' Rights, Free Speech & Expression, Voting Rights, , Discrimination, Speech, Privacy & Technology, Criminal Legal System,
  2. Federal Court Victory: Limits on Cash Bail Are Constitutional

    July 9, 2018Press release, Criminal Legal System
  3. Man Jailed for Not Immediately Paying Ticket Deserves Justice

    October 27, 2016Press release, Criminal Legal System
  4. ACLU-NJ Calls for Taxing and Regulating Marijuana

    March 24, 2014Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  5. Civil Rights Advocates Urge NJ State Senate Committee to Severely Restrict Solitary Confinement

    February 12, 2015Press releaseCriminal Legal System
  6. ACLU-NJ Defends Man Charged Criminally For What He Said in Civil Forfeiture Suit

    September 12, 2017Press releaseCriminal Legal System, , Police & Law Enforcement
  7. Judge Orders Middlesex County to Release Civil Forfeiture Records

    February 24, 2017Press releaseGovernment Transparency, Criminal Legal System, Police & Law Enforcement
  8. NJ Judge Rules Minors Cannot Receive Life-Long Sentences Without Consideration of Their Youth

    May 11, 2015Press releaseCriminal Legal System, Students' & Youth Rights
  9. Salem County Urged to Reject Immigration Enforcement Role

    July 5, 2016Press releasePrisons & Jails, Police & Law Enforcement, Immigrants' Rights, Criminal Legal System
  10. ACLU-NJ & Rights Groups to Council on Mandates: Keep Historic Bail Reform Intact

    December 21, 2016Press releaseCriminal Legal System