2016-2017 Scorecard

New Jersey General Assembly

The ACLU-NJ scored the General Assembly’s 117th session on 11 key bills involving criminal justice reform, LGBTQ and gender equity, free speech, and health care rights.

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What was scored

The ACLU-NJ scored the General Assembly’s 217th session on 11 key bills. The bills we scored:

Criminal Justice Reform

  • S51/A547-Limits on Solitary Confinement
  • S677/A3677-Racial and Ethnic Impact Statements
  • S895/A2182-Parole Reform
  • S1880/A1419-Cap on Prison Phone Rates
  • S2469/A1115-Independent Investigations of Police Killings

Free Speech

  • S1923/A925-Anti-boycott Bill

Gender & LGBTQ Equity

  • S992/A2750-Gender Pay Equity
  • S3067/A4652-Transgender Student Guidelines

Health Care Rights

  • S2277/A3492-Restoring Family Planning Funding
  • S2474/A2451-Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill
  • S3085/A4927-Expanding Paid Family Leave
2017 10 19 Scorecard

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