Don't Let Compassion Go Up in Smoke!

You can be a part of New Jersey history this week, but the window is closing quickly. This Thursday morning, the New Jersey Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee is holding a hearing for a vote on legislation to allow medical marijuana in our state, and your phone call could mean relief for thousands of patients who need your help. This bill has already passed in the New Jersey Senate, and passage in committee gets us one step closer to having the option of medical marijuana to patients who need it.

Assembly Bill 804/Senate Bill 119, the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for patients whose symptoms don't respond to currently available medications. Medical research has shown that marijuana can alleviate symptoms such as nausea, severe pain and muscle spasms where other medications have failed.

Take Action Now

Call your elected officials today in the Assembly. Our representatives are listening this week. Tell them you support compassion, and you support A 804/S 119.

Call and e-mail your assembly members, particularly members of the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee.

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