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The ACLU works to protect the fundamental right of every adult citizen in New Jersey to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted.

State government has a duty to make voting simple and seamless, but barriers to the ballot box can limit participation. The ACLU-NJ works in the courts , the legislature and neighborhoods across New Jersey to hold the government accountable to that obligation. Policies that increase registration, encourage greater turnout, and ease the voting experience protect the foundations of democracy.

We fight all year, every year to protect the right to vote, but the ACLU expands those efforts during election years. We distribute voter-empowerment cards in English (148k PDF) and Spanish (149k PDF), and publish resources online to clarify citizens’ rights at the polls and help the League of Women Voters of New Jersey staff its Election Day hotline: 1-800-792-VOTE (8683)

Legal Cases

Legislative Efforts

  • Democracy Act
    Establishes Automatic Voter Registration through MVC; expands in-person early voting; modernizes electronic voter registration; expands vote-by-mail; expands voting access for military and overseas voters; enhances access to the polls for people with disabilities; enhances language access at polling places with significant population of non-English speakers.
  • Ending Prison-Based Gerrymandering
    Requires that the incarcerated persons be counted at their last known address before prison for political redistricting purposes, not the location where they are confined.


For a complete list of voter registration forms available from the New Jersey Division of Elections, please visit

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