Same-Sex Marriage Equality Map

In the year since same-sex couples could legally marry in New Jersey, more than 3,763* have tied the knot in the Garden State, including 1,621 in the first 10 weeks after marriage equality was realized. Monmouth County had the most same-sex marriages with 406 while Salem County had the least with 13.

Click on a county to see a breakdown of the state Department of Health statistics by year.

Three shades of blue for counties, depending on numbers of same-sex marriages:

200 or more marriages
100-199 marriages
99 or fewer marriages

*This preliminary data are undergoing editing procedures, which result in frequent and significant changes. Please use caution when interpreting these data. Data can be used for tracking recent health events, but are not appropriate for use in statistical analyses. Source: NJ Department of Health (culled 10/16/2014)

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