Statewide Police Accountability

Getting to Police Accountability: A Blueprint for New Jersey

Independent Prosecutors for Police Violence
Require independent investigators and outside prosecutors, not local agencies, to gather evidence, decide whether to seek indictment, and prosecute when an officer kills or seriously injures a civilian.

Fair Body Camera Policies
Equip officers with body cameras, governed by policies that protect privacy and ensure the public’s right to access footage.

End Policing of Low-Level Offenses
Legalize marijuana possession for adults, decriminalize certain low-level offenses, and deprioritize arrests for behavior that can be managed outside the criminal justice system to limit unnecessary police interactions and opportunities for conflict.

Abolish Policing for Profit
Stop the abusive practice of civil asset forfeiture, which lets the police seize any property they assert is related to criminal activity — even if no one is ever charged.

Require Transparency
Require police departments to collect and publicly release data on policing activity — such as stops, frisks, use of force, and arrests — sorted by race, ethnicity, and other demographics, shedding light on patterns and trends.

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