Day 12: Rosario v. Carillo

Excessive Force, False Arrest and Conspiracy
Litigation Filed
September 2008

banner_police_citi_200: The Settlement Project: Citizen Edition

Plaintiff Felix Rosario's girlfriend's mother was dating Newark Police Department (NPD) Lieutenant Manny Carillo. On September 9, 2006, Mr. Rosario and his girlfriend got into a verbal argument. The girlfriend told her mother about the argument and the mother then advised Lt. Carillo, who "went into a rage." Lt. Carillo then organized a posse consisting of him and officers Robert Leonard, Wayne Pugh, Jose Ferriera and J. Burgos, who broke into Mr. Rosario's house, beat him, and sprayed a chemical spray in his eyes. When taken to the hospital, another officer beat him again. Then, the officers filed assault charges against him, and waited five days before taking Mr. Rosario before a judge. Mr. Rosario's lawsuit (No. 08-cv-4495) remains pending.

At least one of those officers—Wayne Pugh—has had a prior brush with the law. On or about March 12, 2010, a video camera captured a motor vehicle stop performed by NPD officers on Route 21 in Newark. The video shows Officer Pugh removing a suspect, Jamil Richardson, from the vehicle, throwing him on the ground, and then kicking him. On or about June 18, Officer Pugh was charged with official misconduct for the incident (No. W-2010-07777770714), but on or about June 25, 2010, the Essex County Grand Jury returned a "no-bill" on the charges.

Note: Rosario's claims against Carillo and the other officers have not yet been proven or disproven in a court of law; at this time, they are simply allegations in a pending lawsuit.

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