Day 4: Morris v. City of Newark

Excessive Force
Litigation Pending
September 2009

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On September 6, 2007, Trace Morris was approached by five Newark Police Officers at 1003 South Orange Avenue, Newark. At least one of the officers, Jeffrey Bouie, assaulted Morris "by punching him into a state of unconsciousness, which beating resulted in severe and permanent debilitating spinal [cord] injuries and paralysis." Taken to the Newark city jail, Morris' medical needs were ignored, and he lay on his stomach for three days while he defacated and urinated on himself. Eventually he was taken to the hospital, and while there, "the arresting officers [were] rejoicing and laughing about plaintiff's injury stating 'we f_ _ _ him up.'" Morris' federal lawsuit (No. 09-cv-4561) remains pending.

This was not Officer Bouie's only brush with the law. He faces another federal lawsuit (No. 08-cv-4417) for beating Johan DeCosta on March 8, 2007. And in an administrative filing, Leonard Wheeler accuses him and his partners of falsely arresting him on April 1, 2008.

Note: The claims against Bouie have not yet been proven or disproven is a court of law; at this time, they are simply allegations in a pending lawsuit or other legal document.

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