Day 6: Burks v. City of Newark

False Arrest
Litigation Filed
January 2008

banner_police_citi_200: The Settlement Project: Citizen Edition

McKinley Burks claims, in a state lawsuit (No. ESX-L-361-08), that Newark Police Department (NPD) Officer Anderson C. Walker falsely arrested him on February 2, 2006 at the Mount Vernon School in Newark. The suit remains pending.

This case is not Officer Walker's first brush with the law. In 2001, Walker was given a 25-day suspension for "language, conduct in public and private, derogatory reference, public disparagement, and addressing the public" for an incident that occurred in July 1997. See Prior to that, he received a ten-day suspension for violating rules "governing conduct of police officers in public and private and the use of indecent language" for a 1995 incident. He also had four other prior suspensions. See Walker v. Newark Police Dept., No. CSV7655-99,

In addition, Officer Walker has an administrative complaint pending against him for the verbal and physical abuse of a citizen at Frelinghuysen and Foster Avenues on January 25, 2009. For some six hours, the citizen suffered Officer Walker's tirade of racial epithets and slurs about her sexual orientation, as she was also was pushed and groped.

Note: The claims against Walker have also not yet been proven or disproven in a court of law; at this time, they are simply allegations in a pending lawsuit or other legal document.

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