The Settlement Project: Employee Edition

banner_police_prac_200: Newark Police Practices

Between January 1, 2008 and the present, eleven cases brought against the Newark Police by its own employees settled, at a taxpayer cost of nearly $2.1 million. Seven more employee cases remain pending.

Although taxpayers must foot the entire bill for these settlements, Newark doesn't readily publicize these cases or settlements, which leaves the public in the dark about what claims are made, how they are settled, and what if any corrective action results from these expensive resolutions.

And here's where the ACLU-NJ comes in. Over the next 12 business days, we will present one case a day, giving citizens a chance to read the facts of the cases for themselves and learn about the true costs of police misconduct in Newark — financial and otherwise.

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The Settlement Project: Citizen Edition

banner_police_citi_200: The Settlement Project: Citizen Edition

Read about some of the 23 recently-settled cases against the Newark Police Department involving civilians, where people received payouts totaling over $1.6 million from the City of Newark because of some kind of police misconduct in the The Settlement Project: Citizen Edition. These cases include some claims of truly reprehensible brutality, false arrest, malicious prosecution, and negligence.

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