Diverting Children from the Criminal Justice System

Missed Opportunities: Youth Diversionary Programs in New Jersey, An ACLU-NJ Report

Diversionary programs for children are a critical but underutilized tool for ending mass incarceration. Rather than arresting New Jersey’s children for offenses like breaking curfew, loitering, or trespassing, officers can give children opportunities to avoid a record through two different types of diversionary programs: curbside warnings and stationhouse adjustments.

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Did you know: if your child gets in trouble with the law, police don't have to arrest them?

Every kid arrested for status offenses, like curfew violations or running away, or for low-level offenses — such as disorderly conduct, loitering, trespassing, or other ordinance violations — represents a missed opportunity to reduce children’s contact with the juvenile justice system.

Take a look at the one-page guide – especially intended for parents and guardian – in PDF format.

Maps: Stationhouse Adjustments Across the State, 2014-2016

Based on public records responses from 17 of New Jersey’s 21 counties, these maps visualize the geographic distribution of stationhouse adjustments across the state.

View map of stationhouse adjustments by county.

View map of stationhouse adjustments by municipality.

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