Even if you don’t know Faith Ringgold . . .


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You know Faith Ringgold!

The ACLU of New Jersey Foundation is the honored beneficiary of a work of art created exclusively for us by internationally acclaimed artist Faith Ringgold.

Faith’s story quilts and distinctly American flags – America, the beautiful, and America, the ugly – hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Art like hers is what the ACLU exists to defend. She has used her art to voice her opinions on race and gender inequality.

Faith, a New Jersey resident, has generously created a limited series of 100 prints for the ACLU of New Jersey Foundation. The release of these prints, handcrafted by Master Printer Curlee Holton of Raven Editions in Williams Township, Pa., is made possible by a generous grant from The Puffin Foundation Ltd., of Teaneck.

This fine-art ACLU-NJ print by Faith – art-world trailblazer, civil rights champion, former ACLU plaintiff and New Jersey resident – will be presented as a token of appreciation to our most generous donors for making the work we do possible.

Fine Limited Edition Printing Made Possible through a Generous Grant from The Puffin Foundation Ltd.

Puffin Foundation

The Puffin Foundation Ltd. has sought to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artists and art organizations who are often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to their race, gender, or social philosophy.

Why the Puffin? The Puffin, once endangered in the northeastern United States, was returned to its native habitats through the efforts of a concerned citizenry. The puffin is a metaphor for how they perceive their mission in the arts: to join with other concerned groups and individuals to ensure that the arts not merely survive, but flourish at all levels of our society.

The ACLU of New Jersey is deeply grateful to Faith Ringgold and The Puffin Foundation Ltd. for making this fine limited edition possible.

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