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Mobile Justice New Jersey (2015)

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Mobile Justice New Jersey is a smartphone app that empowers New Jerseyans to record police and hold them accountable for their actions. It has four main features:

  • Record: allows you to record your interactions with police officers in audio and video files that are automatically emailed to the ACLU of New Jersey, so that they cannot be deleted or destroyed.
  • Witness: gives you the option to alert nearby Mobile Justice App users when you are stopped by police so that they can move toward the location and document the interaction.
  • Report: gives you the option to provide a more-detailed account of your interactions with police in an incident report, which will be transmitted directly to the ACLU of New Jersey.
  • Rights: provides an overview of your rights and how to protect them when recording or interacting with law enforcement officers.

The app is free for all users.

You have the right to record . . . use it!

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