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Missed Opportunities: Youth Diversionary Programs in New Jersey, An ACLU-NJ Report

Diversionary programs for children are a critical but underutilized tool for ending mass incarceration. Rather than arresting New Jersey’s children for offenses like breaking curfew, loitering, or trespassing, officers can give children opportunities to avoid a record through two different types of diversionary programs: curbside warnings and stationhouse adjustments.

A Vision to End Mass Incarceration in New Jersey

With nearly 35,000 people in its prisons and jails, New Jersey has a mass incarceration crisis. It arose from a range of causes, and solving it calls for a range of solutions – which is why the ACLU-NJ has released its ambitious Vision to End Mass Incarceration in New Jersey. This vision breaks down the steps that could lead New Jersey prisons and jails to see their population shrink by nearly 20,000 people.

Study Documents Extreme Racial Disparity in Arrests for Low-Level Offenses

Black people were 9.6 times more likely to be arrested than White people in Jersey City in 2013 for low-level offenses such as loitering, possession of small amounts of marijuana, trespassing, and disorderly conduct. This extreme racial disparity was not unique to the state’s second largest city. Data for the most recent years available revealed disparities in low-level arrests in the three other municipalities studied – Millville, where Blacks were 6.3 times more likely to be arrested; Elizabeth, 3.4 times; and New Brunswick, 2.6 times.  View a copy of Selective Policing: Racially Disparate Enforcement of Low-Level Offenses in New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie gets D+ in Civil Rights and Liberties from ACLU-NJ (2014)

ChristieNewark – The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey (ACLU-NJ) has given Gov. Chris Christie a D+ for his overall record on civil liberties and civil rights during his first term in office. The ACLU-NJ examined the governor’s record in 12 issue areas and gave him his lowest grades in the areas of separation of church and state, transparency, and separation of powers. View a copy of Christie's First-Term Report Card

Newark Stop-and-Frisk Report

Newark Stop-and-FriskNewark Police officers use stop-and-frisk with troubling frequency and in a manner that leads to racial disparities, according to a report released (PDF) by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey. The report analyzes the first six months of data from the Newark Police Department, which releases the information on its website monthly in compliance with its new Transparency Policy. It is the first public analysis of the data. View a copy of the Newark Stop-and-Frisk Report now.

Confidential Informant Report

banner_cireport_200.jpgIn June 2011, the ACLU-NJ and ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project released a study that examines the use of confidential informants in New Jersey. The study revealed inconsistent policies governing the use of confidential informants at all levels of government, which has led to violations of informants' rights and compromises in the integrity of criminal investigations. The report offers a series of recommendations for police departments who use confidential informants and it has spurred three New Jersey counties to begin reforming their policies after reviewing an early draft of the report. View a copy of the Confidential Informant Report now.

Christie Earns Mixed Marks on Civil Liberties (2012)

ChristieThe American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey (ACLU-NJ) released a midterm report card for Gov. Chris Christie in January 2012, issuing mostly low marks for his administration’s handling of critical civil liberties issues such as reproductive freedom and free speech. The report card examines Christie’s record on an array of civil liberties issues during his first two years in office. View a copy of Christie's Mid-Term Report Card

ACLU-NJ Report Finds Gaps in Prosecutorial Accountability

prosecutorial conduct

NEWARK — A comprehensive study of prosecutor error released by the ACLU-NJ and Rutgers School of Law-Newark found low rates of errors but an alarming lack of accountability or regular training to prevent repeat lapses by New Jersey prosecutors. The report, titled “Trial and Error: A Comprehensive Study of Prosecutorial Conduct in New Jersey,” recommends changes at the state and county level and reveals a noteworthy range of error rates in individual New Jersey counties in the process.

Police Toolkit

toolkit_200.jpgA step-by-step guide that will aid all New Jerseyans in assessing and documenting the treatment of citizens by police in their towns. Both toolkits below are identical except one is in black and white (for easier printing) and the other is in color.

The Crisis Inside Police Internal Affairs

toolkit_200.jpgThe report reveals that the vast majority of New Jersey police departments do not follow state law regarding citizens' complaints against police officers. The ACLU-NJ issued recommendations, including greater transparency, reporting and oversight to fix the problems. View a copy of the Internal Affairs Report now.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Earns 'C' Average Junior Year

School is out for Newark's students, but Mayor Cory Booker's junior-year report card on civil liberties has just been released by the ACLU-NJ. The mayor passed, but not with flying colors. At the end of his third year in office, the Stanford and Yale-educated All-American and Rhodes Scholar earned a "C" average in civil liberties, with his worst grade, a "D," in the area of Police Practices. View a copy of Booker's Report Card

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