A Vision to End Mass Incarceration in New Jersey

A Vision to End Mass Incarceration in New Jersey: The Full ACLU-NJ Report

The United States and New Jersey face a mass incarceration crisis. Although New Jersey has seen a recent decline in its incarcerated population, close to 35,000 people are still housed in its prisons and jails. In fact, despite the recent decline, the size of New Jersey’s prison population increased by 278 percent between 1975 and 2015.

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What Cutting Mass Incarceration Looks Like: The Numbers

A multitude of root causes created mass incarceration, and only a multi-pronged approach can address it. We've put together a rough estimation of what policy changes it would take to cut the number of people in New Jersey's prisons and jails dramatically. In 2015, 36,486 people were imprisoned in New Jersey. Our vision sees a path ahead to reduce that number by nearly 20,000.

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Snapshots of Mass Incarceration: Infographics

Envisioning how to end mass incarceration calls for close examination of mass incarceration as it stands. These infographics on racial disparities, marijuana arrest numbers, effects of pretrial justice reform, increase in mandatory minimums, and parole rates help paint a picture.

Take a closer look at the current state of mass incarceration in New Jersey.

A Vision to End Mass Incarceration in New Jersey

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