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Legal Docket

This docket describes the numerous and varied civil liberties issues which the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey is currently involved in (open cases) or has been involved in (closed cases). Use the drop down menus below to sort the cases by issue and case status (open/closed).

  • ACLU-NJ v. Hendricks

    Challenge to New Jersey tax dollars used to support religious schools.
  • Adam X v. New Jersey Department of Corrections and Department of Education

    Challenge to DOC for failing to provide appropriate education to students with special education needs in violation of IDEA.
  • Conroy & H.S. v. Lacey Township School District

    Students disciplined for non-disruptive off-campus speech.
  • County of Ocean, et al. v. Grewal / Nolan v. Grewal

    Amicus brief in support of the Attorney General’s power to implement the Immigrant Trust Directive
  • Fraternal Order of Police Newark Lodge 12 v. City of Newark

    Amicus brief supporting the creation of and powers granted to the Newark Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB)
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Morris County Freeholders

    Amicus brief in challenge to Morris County’s use of taxpayers’ money for church repairs, which violated the New Jersey State Constitution.
  • Ganzweig v. Ocean Co. Prosecutor’s Office

    Amicus brief in support of a person who requested a police dashcam recording under the Open Public Records Act.
  • Guerrero-Sanchez v. Warden York County Prison

    Appeal of federal court decision granting a day in court for a man whom ICE detained without a bond hearing for nearly two years while he was seeking protection from removal to Mexico.
  • Holland et al. v. Rosen et al.

    Amicus brief, joined by the National ACLU and other civil rights group, in challenge to a federal lawsuit challenging bail reform.
  • In re N.J.A.C. 6A:8

    Challenge to discriminatory regulations requiring certain scores on PARCC standardized tests to receive diploma.
  • In the matter of Records Expungement of T.B.

    Amicus brief addressing eligibility for expungement of criminal records following successful completion of drug court.
  • Kean Federation of Teachers v. Morell, et al.

    Amicus brief in challenge to Kean University Board of Trustees violation of the Open Public Meetings Act ("OPMA") by not promptly releasing their closed session meeting minutes, as required by law, and by failing to give advance notice to university faculty that would be impacted by the closed session meeting.
  • Kneisser v. McInerney

    Challenge to a man put in jail for not paying a fine for littering same day as court date.
  • Latino Coalition, Fair Schools Red Bank v. Red Bank Charter School

    Challenge to the re-chartering of Red Bank Charter School due to segregative impact.
  • Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights v. Atlantic City Board of Education

    Challenge to the Board of Ed.'s refusal to comply with OPRA requests from out of state requestors.
  • Martinez v. Nielsen

    Federal lawsuit challenging the detention and deportation of a man picked up by ICE at his scheduled green card interview.
  • Pangemanan et al. v. Tsoukaris et al.

    The ACLU-NJ filed a federal class action lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order halting the deportations of Indonesian Christian residents of Central Jersey.
  • Petro Lubricant Testing v. Adelman

    As a friend of the Court, the ACLU-NJ asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to affirm the Appellate Division's holding that the single publication rule applied to internet publications.
  • Rivera v. Fort Lee

    Are police department standard operating procedures available under OPRA and the common law right of access to public information?
  • Securus v. Murphy

    Amicus brief in support of a motion to dismiss a challenge brought by one phone vendor, Securus, to a state law that caps phone rates in correctional facilities and prohibits facility commissions from vendors.
  • State in the interest of J.A.

    Amicus brief in challenge to a case where the police searched a home without a warrant based on information they had from a robbery victim’s “Find My iPhone” application.
  • State v. A.M.

    Can police obtain a Miranda waiver by asking someone to read if they have not established the person can read?
  • State v. Alessi

    Amicus brief challenging the constitutionality of detaining without probable cause people suspected of past completed crimes.
  • State v. Brian Farmer

    Amicus brief in challenge to the state's scope of consent to search cellphones.
  • State v. Byrd et al.

    Can a person be prosecuted in New Jersey where death occurs in New York?
  • State v. Camey

    Amicus brief addressing state’s argument under the “inevitable discovery doctrine” that evidence should not be suppressed because if the police had not acted unconstitutionally, they would have acted constitutionally.
  • State v. Carter, Azmar

    When police tell a person to stop, must the person stop?
  • State v. Chisum & Woodard

    Amicus brief challenging officers’ detention of hotel guests to perform warrant checks in response to a noise complaint, raising issues of implicit racial bias.
  • State v. Comer

    Challenge to the constitutionality of the use of de facto sentences of life without parole for juveniles.
  • State v. Fede

    Amicus brief challenging defendant’s obstruction conviction when all he did was fail to assist officers’ entry into his home and instead said “get a warrant.”
  • State v. Frater, et al.

    When can the State get more time to indict?
  • State v. Gathers

    Amicus brief in challenge to the circumstances under which the state can collect DNA from someone in detention.
  • State v. Green

    Amicus brief addressing applicability of requirement that police record details of identification procedure to electronic databases.
  • State v. Hawkins

    Amicus brief challenging probation revocations made by judges
  • State v. Hyman

    Amicus brief arguing that evidence of drug dealing away from a person’s home is insufficient to justify a search of the home.
  • State v. Hyppolite

    Amicus brief addressing appropriate remedy for a prosecutor’s failure to provide required exculpatory information prior to a detention hearing.
  • State v. Jackson

    Amicus brief arguing that prosecutors must secure a warrant in order to obtain recorded jail calls.
  • State v. L.H.

    Challenge to police failure to document conversations between officers and witnesses making eyewitness identifications.
  • State v. Manning

    Application of emergency exception to obtain cell phone records
  • State v. Melendez

    Amicus brief challenging the practice of using the statements claimants make in their civil asset forfeiture cases against them in their criminal cases.
  • State v. Nelson

    Amicus brief challenging the lawfulness of a canine sniff that adds 37 minutes to a traffic stop.
  • State v. Rodriguez

    Petition for Certification addressing the requirements of criminal lawyers to advise their clients of immigration consequences of guilty pleas.
  • State v. Sanchez-Medina

    Amicus brief in challenge to the use of a criminal defendant's immigration status to undermine his credibility.
  • State v. Shaw & Bolden

    Amicus brief in a case where contraband was seized during an unlawful, warrantless search of a motel room, which subsequently led to a warrantless search of a car.
  • State v. Tillery

    Amicus brief in challenge to New Jersey state courts' use of non-convicted conduct as a factor in sentencing.
  • State v. Wint

    Amicus brief in support of the proposition that once a pretrial detainee asks for a lawyer, police cannot re-interrogate him or her without counsel present, unless he or she re-initiates the interrogation.
  • Wragg, et al. v. Ortiz, et al.

    Federal habeas class action on behalf of people confined at FCI Fort Dix who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

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