ACLU-NJ Gives Deep-Dive Analysis of Marijuana Regulations

The ACLU-NJ conducted a deep-dive analysis of the first cannabis regulations approved by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, accompanied by a petition with 588 signatures in support of meaningful racial and social justice measures. More »

ACLU-NJ Issues 'Baseline Cannabis Plan' for New Regulations to Meet Initial Benchmarks for Justice

The platform includes equitable ways to spend revenue, create a diverse industry, and have meaningful public participation as a standard for Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s forthcoming regulations. More »

Court Preliminarily Approves Landmark Settlement That Improves Special Education in New Jersey State Prisons

The New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) will drastically improve the provision of special education services for people in its prisons, according to a settlement preliminarily approved by the federal District Court for the District of New Jersey last month. More »

Traffic Stops for Unobstructive License Plate Frames are Pretextual and Cause Constitutional Concern, Rules the NJ Supreme Court

The New Jersey Supreme Court today ruled that traffics stops for unobstructive license plate frames are pretextual and could violate the constitutional rights of individuals. The ACLU of New Jersey appeared as a friend of the court. More »

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