Landmark Ruling Halts Unconstitutional Taxpayer Funding of NJ Yeshiva and Seminary

In a groundbreaking victory against government sponsorship of religion, a New Jersey appellate court ruled that the administration of Gov. Chris Christie violated the New Jersey Constitution when it awarded more than $11 million to two religious institutions of higher learning. This decision by the Appellate Division represents the first major state court precedent in almost 40 years concerning New Jersey's prohibition on using taxpayer funding to support a religious ministry. More »

ACLU-NJ Warns Lawmakers That AC Takeover Plans Raise Constitutional Concerns

NEWARK – The ACLU-NJ sent a letter today warning lawmakers of constitutional and civil rights concerns raised by S1711 and the companion Assembly bill, A2569, the Atlantic City recovery legislation, which provides for state takeover if the city does not put in place a plan within 150 days that the state determines is "likely to achieve financial stability." S1711/A2569 would then allow the state to take over Atlantic City anytime within five years after the 150-day period. More »

Marijuana Legalization Would Bring 100s of Millions to NJ in Tax Revenue, Report Says

New Jersey would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue by legalizing marijuana, a new report released by New Jersey Policy Perspective and New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform has found. Legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana for use by adults aged 21 and older would ultimately add an estimated $300 million in sales tax to state coffers rather than divert consumers to the illegal market, the two policy-focused groups said at a Trenton press conference. More »

Denial of Mosque Permit Violated Law, Argues ACLU-NJ

The ACLU of New Jersey today took a stand for the rights of Muslim New Jerseyans who have tried to build a mosque only to be denied for reasons that bear the signs of religious discrimination. The ACLU-NJ, the national ACLU's Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, and other civil rights organizations joined a friend-of-the-court brief filed by the organization Muslim Advocates in U.S. District Court to support the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, whose proposal for a mosque in Bernards Township, in Somerset County, has been thwarted by the local government after a years-long ordeal. More »

AC Compromise Must Protect Residents' Rights, Say NJ NAACP and ACLU-NJ Leaders

“The proposal being pushed forward by Governor Christie for the State to take over the operations and finances of Atlantic City raises serious concerns for the civil rights and civil liberties of Atlantic City residents." More »

Graduation Case Settlement Provides Protections for NJ's Class of 2016

New Jersey students, families and the Education Law Center have reached a settlement agreement with the New Jersey Department of Education, resolving a battle over requirements for New Jersey students to graduate this year. Under this agreement, students in the class of 2016 will have a variety of options to fulfill graduation testing requirements and some new protections for the appeals process. More »

Atlantic City courtesy Shinya Suzuki.

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