ACLU-NJ Argues Pivotal Police Accountability Case at NJ Supreme Court

The ACLU-NJ made arguments for police accountability in North Jersey Media Group v. Lyndhurst, a pivotal case at the New Jersey Supreme Court case that could determine the future of police transparency in New Jersey. Along with North Jersey Media Group’s attorneys and other transparency advocates, ACLU-NJ Senior Staff Attorney Alexander Shalom argued that upholding a lower court’s ruling in the case could potentially shield basic information about police actions from the public unless the police choose to share it. More »

Legislature Passes Historic Solitary Confinement Restrictions in NJ

With a historic vote in the New Jersey Assembly, the Legislature today passed a bill to restrict solitary confinement in New Jersey’s prisons and jails. The bill aims to end the routine use of the tactic and bar its use on New Jersey’s most vulnerable prison populations. The bill now goes to Governor Christie’s desk.  More »

Senate Votes for Independent Investigations When Police Use Fatal Force

The New Jersey Senate today passed S2469, a bill requiring independent investigations when someone dies at the hands of law enforcement. The ACLU-NJ and a broad coalition of civil rights, clergy, and labor groups advocated for this bill as an important first step to guaranteeing accountability when police officers wrongfully use their power. More »

ACLU-NJ Sues School Districts That Discriminate Against Immigrants

After surveying school districts’ enrollment policies periodically for close to a decade, the ACLU-NJ took legal action against five New Jersey school districts for putting up barriers to enrollment for the children of undocumented immigrants. These four districts and a charter school, from four counties, all have policies requiring documents that demonstrate immigration status as a condition of enrollment, in violation of the Constitution and state law. More »

Suspect in Bombings Has a Right to a Lawyer

Both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Union County Prosecutor’s Office continue to improperly deny criminal defendant Ahmad Khan Rahami the right to an attorney, the ACLU-NJ said today. The ACLU-NJ is working with public defenders to secure them access to their client. To ensure the protection of the right of counsel, until Rahami’s federal public defenders are able to represent him, the ACLU-NJ is serving as Rahami’s legal counsel on federal charges. More »

Bergen Man Close to Victory in Ending Unconstitutional Sign Limits

After a four-year effort, a Bergen County man is close to winning his battle over lawn signs. The Wyckoff Township Committee has introduced a measure that would put its currently unconstitutional sign restrictions, which forbid political signs for more than a month at a time, in line with the law. More »

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