Bergen Man Close to Victory in Ending Unconstitutional Sign Limits

After a four-year effort, a Bergen County man is close to winning his battle over lawn signs. The Wyckoff Township Committee has introduced a measure that would put its currently unconstitutional sign restrictions, which forbid political signs for more than 30 days at a time, in line with the law. More »

Newark Arrests Targeting Sex Work Encourage Over-policing and Threaten Public Health and Safety

The ACLU of New Jersey expressed concerns about the Newark Police Department’s arrest of 13 people on charges of prostitution and solicitation of prostitution. The arrests over the weekend appear to be a part of a recent increase in the arrest of Newark residents for low level violations and so-called “quality-of-life” offenses, such as panhandling, bicycle violations, littering and disorderly conduct. More »

Quarantined Nurse Can Proceed With State Claims of Suit Against Christie

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined against her will in Newark after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, will be able to continue her state claims against Governor Chris Christie and his administration. A federal court judge ruled that under New Jersey law, Hickox has the right to challenge the involuntary detention. Governor Christie, along with others responsible, will be subject to the discovery process, including depositions. More »

Hudson Prosecutor Routinely Violates Rights in Civil Forfeitures, Suit Says

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office routinely deprives people of due process after their property has been seized, the ACLU-NJ said today in a court filing challenging the county's civil asset forfeiture practices. The County Prosecutor's Office unlawfully combines unrelated civil asset forfeiture cases together, resulting in court fees that often exceed the value of the property taken, making it nearly impossible for people to challenge the seizures. More »

Bail Rules Mean Poor People Will Languish in Jail

Newly adopted rules for New Jersey’s bail reform law undermine the potential of bail reform, said the five groups that by statute serve in an advisory role for implementing the 2014 law. Under the rules adopted by the New Jersey Supreme Court yesterday, thousands of New Jerseyans will continue to languish in jail while awaiting trial for no reason other than being poor. More »

Police Reform Blueprint Lays Out Platform for Accountability Statewide

Five key reforms could transform policing in New Jersey, the ACLU-NJ said today with the release of a blueprint for statewide police accountability. The ACLU-NJ called on state officials to adopt five key components of accountability into law, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and an end to unnecessarily aggressive over-policing. The reforms also include a call to expand the role of non-police agencies and professionals in handling social problems that do not belong in the criminal justice system to begin with. The policies themselves would be adopted by state officials and apply to individual departments throughout the state. More »

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