School Stops Having Children Say “God Bless America” After Pledge

Newark – The ACLU of New Jersey applauded a move taken by administration of Glenview Elementary School in Haddon Heights to stop the practice of adding “God bless America” during the Pledge of Allegiance recited during daily morning assembly. The ACLU-NJ sent a letter to the school district on December 30, 2015, explaining that invoking a blessing from God at the beginning of each school day violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, which calls for no government sponsorship of religion. More »

ACLU-NJ Defends WNY Man Arrested After Filming Police

The ACLU of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit (PDF) against the West New York Police Department on behalf of a man who was arrested in violation of his First Amendment right to free speech after filming police officers arresting two teenagers. More »

Study: Extreme Racial Disparity in Low-Level Arrests

In four test cities, Blacks were 2.6 to 9.6 times more likely than Whites to be arrested for loitering, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and marijuana possession. More »


NEWARK -- The ACLU of New Jersey and the Rutgers Constitutional Rights Clinic submitted comments to the state Motor Vehicles Commission slamming a proposal to scan and store copies of personal documents submitted for identification purposes, saying the ill-considered plan  jeopardizes privacy and security. More

ACLU-NJ Condemns Christie's Refusal to Accept Refugees

"As New Jerseyans, we’re deeply disappointed that Governor Christie would turn his back on refugees who are trying to escape exactly what he fears: terrorism. This kind of fear-mongering blames refugees for the very terror they are fleeing, and it erodes our civil rights and civil liberties." More »

ACLU-NJ Testifies at Historic Hearing on Marijuana in NJ

Udi Ofer, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, testified on Monday, November 16, at a historic, first-ever legislative hearing in New Jersey to consider legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana in the state. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Nicholas Scutari convened the hearing to gather information as the Legislature considers the benefits of making the possession of small amounts of marijuana legal for adults. More »

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