Assembly Votes Yes to Independent Prosecutors for Fatal Police Encounters

The New Jersey Assembly took an important step toward greater police accountability by voting yes on a bill that would require independent investigations when someone dies during an encounter with law enforcement. The Senate passed its version of the bill, S1026, in March, meaning that the bill will go to the desk of Gov. Phil Murphy. More »

ACLU-NJ Applauds Removal of Redistricting Amendment from Monday’s Voting Schedule

Days after leaders from the ACLU-NJ and dozens of other nonpartisan organizations testified in contentious, concurrent Senate and Assembly hearings, leadership in the New Jersey Legislature pulled a previously scheduled vote on a proposal to make New Jersey’s legislative redistricting process even more partisan. More »

ACLU-NJ Report Reveals Abuse and Overuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture in New Jersey

A new deep-dive report issued by the ACLU-NJ on civil asset forfeiture showed disturbing racial disparities and other alarming trends in local law enforcement’s use of the practice throughout the Garden State. Every county in New Jersey relies on these forfeitures, and they disproportionately harm people of color. More »

New Policy Limits Aid to ICE, Protecting Rights & Safety in NJ

The ACLU-NJ welcomed a directive from New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal guiding law enforcement agencies to use resources to address local concerns rather than to carry out the agenda of federal immigration enforcement agencies, which often runs counter to their own interests. In essence, this directive draws a bright line between the role of local law enforcement and the role of federal immigration authorities. More »

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