NJ Transit Decision to End Recording Passenger Audio a Win for Privacy

The ACLU-NJ of New Jersey today applauded the news that NJ Transit has ended its practice of conducting audio surveillance on its light rail lines. "Faced with an outcry from riders and civil liberties advocates, NJ Transit has finally made the right decision to abandon its troubling audio surveillance program."  More »

NJ Assembly Passes Anti-Boycott Bill that Suppresses Political Speech and Creates Blacklists

The New Jersey Assembly voted 69-3-2 today on S1923, a bill that forbids investment from the state pension fund in any company that boycotts Israel or Israeli businesses. The bill poses a threat to free speech and free association by punishing companies for their political opinions. More »

Solitary Confinement Reform Bill Passes in NJ's Historic Senate Vote

The New Jersey Senate approved a historic bill restricting solitary confinement in New Jersey’s prisons and jails, making history by voting to end routine use of the tactic and bar its use on our most vulnerable populations. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Raymond Lesniak, passed by a vote of 23-16. The bill will now go to the Assembly for passage. More »

ACLU-NJ Reaffirms Opposition to Anti-Boycott Bill

In the face of criticism from free speech advocates, New Jersey legislators in the Assembly on June 16 recently amended a bill, A1923/A925, that would forbid investment of the New Jersey state pension fund in any company that boycotts Israel. The amendment deletes a phrase in the legislation’s definition of the word “boycott.” Instead of being a “politically motivated” action meant to have an economic impact on a specific place, a boycott is now defined in the bill as an action meant to have an economic impact on a specific place. More »

Anti-Boycott Bill Harms Speech & Creates Blacklists, ACLU-NJ Says

Legislation to forbid the state’s investment in companies that boycott Israel would raise serious constitutional problems by harming free speech and using government resources to build political blacklists, the ACLU-NJ said in a letter expressing its strong opposition to the proposed law. The bill, S1923/A925, prohibits the state’s pension and annuities funds from investing in any company that supports boycotts of Israel or Israeli businesses. More »

Landmark Ruling Halts Unconstitutional Taxpayer Funding of NJ Yeshiva and Seminary

In a groundbreaking victory against government sponsorship of religion, a New Jersey appellate court ruled that the administration of Gov. Chris Christie violated the New Jersey Constitution when it awarded more than $11 million to two religious institutions of higher learning. This decision by the Appellate Division represents the first major state court precedent in almost 40 years concerning New Jersey's prohibition on using taxpayer funding to support a religious ministry. More »

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