A Grassroots Statewide Coalition to Place Power with Communities, Not Police  

The time to limit the power of law enforcement is long overdue.  

New Jersey Communities for Accountable Policing – known as NJ-CAP – is a statewide coalition working to place power in the hands of communities. 

NJ-CAP is made up of grassroots activists, racial and social justice advocates, people harmed by law enforcement, faith leaders, and legal experts united in the belief that the racial injustices in law enforcement and the criminal legal system are morally unacceptable.   

NJ-CAP’s mission is to:  

  • Stop excessive police power.  
  • End the grip of police in communities of color, especially Black communities.  
  • Build power in communities and organize New Jerseyans. 
  • Join the movement to rein in the power of police. 

To learn more about or join the coalition, please contact Zayid Muhammad: 973.202.0745