Court Strikes Down Discriminatory Rule in New Jersey Condominium Association

April 22, 2019

Federal ruling: condo's gender-segregated pool hours violated the Fair Housing Act

Students suspended for posting gun photos on Snapchat file free-speech suit

April 10, 2019

SnapChat photos of guns on a table got 2 students suspended. We're suing.

ACLU-NJ Responds to Release of 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Full-Year Report

April 2, 2019

Two years of data demonstrates that criminal justice reform has improved New Jerseyans' lives and rights.

Advocates Redouble Legalization Efforts After Pulled Marijuana Vote

March 25, 2019

With the withdrawal of the marijuana legalization vote, advocates redoubled efforts to pass a legalization bill to advance racial and social justice.

NJ’s Latest Cannabis Bill Advances Justice, ACLU-NJ Says

March 20, 2019

NJ's marijuana legalization bill acknowledges the human wreckage of the drug war and makes a good-faith effort to reverse the damage.

Category: Criminal Justice

Law Signed to Require Independent Investigations of Deaths from Police Force

January 30, 2019

NJ's law provides an important check on the police's immense power.

Category: Criminal Justice

A $15 Minimum Wage Brings NJ Closer to Economic Justice

January 18, 2019

People face discrimination & criminalization for being poor. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue)

Category: Economic Justice

Post-State of the State, ACLU-NJ Urges Action on Marijuana, Licenses, Independent Prosecutors & Voting Rights

January 15, 2019

Following Gov. Murphy's State of the State, ACLU-NJ sounded the call for marijuana legalization, licenses, independent prosecutions & voting rights expansion.

Category: Criminal Justice

City's anti-panhandling ordinance unlawfully targets NJ's vulnerable

January 11, 2019

City’s discriminatory ordinance unlawfully targets some of New Jersey’s most vulnerable people, ACLU-NJ & Coalition to End Homelessness say.

Court Strikes Down Graduation Testing Rules for NJ High Schoolers

December 31, 2018

Appellate panel rejects NJ's rules requiring PARCC tests to graduate.

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