Man jailed for inability to pay $239 littering ticket on the spot is vindicated by court

April 17, 2018

Jailing someone who can’t pay “effectively extorts payment” from indigent defendants’ loved ones, federal judge ruled.

Legal Counsel for Detained Immigrants More Urgent After DOJ Ends Legal Program

April 12, 2018

Federal weakening of due process makes universal representation of detained immigrants in NJ even more urgent.

Category: Immigrant Rights

ACLU-NJ: Census Question on Citizenship Undermines Democracy

March 27, 2018

The ACLU-NJ condemned the inclusion of a question about citizenship after the Trump administration announced it will be in the 2020 census.

ACLU-NJ Hails Senate Votes on Financial Aid for Immigrant Students & Police Accountability

March 26, 2018

Senate votes yes to expand financial aid eligibility for immigrant students and to require AG jurisdiction when someone dies during a law enforcement encounter.

NJ Budget: Family Planning, Marijuana Legalization & Lawyers for Immigration Are Key

March 12, 2018

We need a budget that places civil rights, civil liberties, economic justice, and racial justice at the fore. Governor Murphy’s proposed budget reflects a commitment to those values.

ACLU-NJ Denounces Sayreville School District’s Heavy-Handed Approach to Student Walkouts

March 12, 2018

Sayreville's approach is the most punitive seen in NJ: the district is threatening suspensions, despite its policy to give detention for first instances of leaving class.

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After Push from Advocates, Hudson County Ends ICE Agreement

March 2, 2018

For years, advocates urged Hudson County to end an agreement in which county staff acted as immigration agents. On March 2, the county ended it.

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ACLU-NJ Open Letter on Student Walkouts and Speech to Educators, Administrators, and Officials

March 1, 2018

The ACLU-NJ has distributed an open letter to New Jersey school administrators, educators, and government officials concerning the rights of students to express themselves politically, in school and out.

Family Planning Funding on the Horizon After Long Battle in Trenton

February 15, 2018

NJ Legislature voted to restore $7.45 million in budget and to expand coverage for family planning.

Videos Explain Civil Rights and Public Health Reasons for Legalizing Marijuana

February 14, 2018

Videos from NJUMR explain how legalization could advance racial justice and help mediate the opioid crisis.

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