New Jersey’s cannabis legalization model has the potential to direct tens of millions – and eventually hundreds of millions of dollars – into communities most impacted by the racist enforcement of marijuana prohibition. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars for social services, housing, and food assistance, education support, harm reduction, and other life-affirming services.

Right now, lawmakers are deciding where tax revenue for community reinvestment goes, how it will serve justice, and most importantly, how it serves communities most harmed by the drug war. The promises of New Jersey’s cannabis law implementation hinge on what our Legislature and Governor do next – New Jersey must invest revenues from cannabis sales into communities to truly begin to repair the harms of the drug war.

It’s high time to begin to repair the harms of decades of racially disparate enforcement of marijuana criminalization in New Jersey.

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Every year, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission invites the public to help decide how millions in community reinvestment funds should be spent. Find a hearing.

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