Anthony Kneisser went to municipal court to handle a traffic ticket for littering. He was working part time as a line cook, so he hoped the court would allow him to pay his fine with community service or over time. However, when he said he did not have the money to immediately pay the $200 fine, the judge told him to make a phone call to ask someone for the money. When Anthony told the judge he did not have anyone he could call, the judge ordered Anthony arrested and sentenced him to five days in jail. Luckily, Anthony’s family was able to come up with the money to his release later that same day. We are suing the municipality, municipal court, and the judge that violated Anthony’s constitutional rights.


Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks LLC

Date filed

September 21, 2015


U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey