With Election Day now over, it’s time for New Jersey lawmakers to prioritize passing legislation that advances racial and social justice and further cements our state as a leader on civil rights. In a time where fundamental rights are under attack across the nation, it’s as important as ever that New Jersey set an example in protecting and expanding civil liberties.  

With the holiday season approaching, we know these topics might come up at the dinner table. Here’s a guide to help you talk about your rights in New Jersey, dispel misinformation, and organize your family and friends. 

No matter what conversation you find yourself in, we hope you find this guide useful in the days, weeks, and months to come. 

Is abortion legal in New Jersey? 

Yes, unequivocally. Abortion is legal and constitutionally protected in New Jersey, with the right guaranteed through legislation and under our state Constitution. To find an abortion provider, visit www.abortionfinder.org, a nationwide tool allowing searches based on factors including location and length of pregnancy.

While abortion care remains safe and legal in New Jersey, this moment calls for immediate action to ensure that this essential health care is accessible for all in the Garden State. A bill in our state Legislature, S2918/A4350, would expand abortion access regardless of insurance, income, or immigration status. Take action to expand abortion care for all by passing and signing into law S2918/A4350. 

How can New Jersey place power in communities, not police? 

To demand accountability in policing and place power in the hands of the public, not law enforcement, lawmakers must give communities throughout the state the authority to put in place strong civilian complaint review boards. By passing A1515/S2295, community members will have the power to review the policies, practices, and actions of local police departments and officers.   

To be effective, civilian complaint review boards must have the legal authority to oversee law enforcement agencies and the power to conduct independent and concurrent investigations of wrongdoing by officers, issue subpoenas, and make recommendations for discipline when officers are accused of misconduct. Tell lawmakers: New Jersey must take steps to advance significant police reforms. 

What can New Jersey do to expand voting rights? 

To expand and protect the right to vote, lawmakers must pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New Jersey (A4554/S2997) to fully protect access to the ballot for all residents, especially voters of color.  

The New Jersey Voting Rights Act will strengthen our democracy by reducing barriers to voting, increasing language access and assistance, prohibiting deceptive practices at the polls, and ensuring that communities of color have their ballots counted. Take action to expand voting rights for all New Jerseyans by passing and signing A4554/S2997 into law. 

How can New Jersey build a fair and welcoming future? 

By passing the Values Act (A1986/S512), New Jerseyans can seek protection and support from state and local agencies without fear of deportation. Increasing trust in public agencies allows all people, regardless of immigration status, to seek public services that are essential to health, education, and well-being. This builds a stronger, fairer, more welcoming state.  

To build a fair and welcoming future, it is essential that all New Jerseyans are able to support themselves and their families and fully participate in their communities without fear. Tell your state lawmakers: we must build a truly fair and welcoming state for all people – regardless of immigration status.