In response to reporting of a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, ACLU of New Jersey Executive Director Amol Sinha issued the following statement: 

“The decision of when and whether to have a child is a fundamental human right, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s actions on Roe v. Wade threaten to upend core autonomy and privacy rights in many parts of our country. We in New Jersey are prepared to fight back against attacks on essential freedoms through every means available, including our legal system, the political system, and grassroots people power. 

“In New Jersey, we take up a solemn duty to not only fiercely defend our current protections, but to do everything in our power to guarantee that the right to abortion care is truly accessible for everyone in our state. Half of the country is poised to be stripped of the fundamental right to abortion if Roe v. Wade falls, giving New Jersey an even greater obligation to meet this moment by prioritizing equity and access, especially for the communities most impacted by systemic barriers for whom this right remains out of reach. 

“At this moment, with the right to abortion still in place, we must build our collective power and remain undeterred in protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms. We will face these threats, which are deeply rooted in systemic racism, and remain undaunted in our fight to strengthen our most essential freedoms and preserve the autonomy we’re all entitled to exercise over our bodies and our lives.”