NEWARK - The ACLU of New Jersey strongly condemned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for telling President Barack Obama today that New Jersey will not accept refugees from Syria. Governor Christie’s letter to President Obama follows Christie’s Nov. 16 statement to radio host Hugh Hewitt that the U.S. should not admit any Syrian refugees, even “orphans under five.”

New Jersey has taken in 75 refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria since the beginning of January, making it the ninth highest state in terms of accepting refugees this year. Since 2012, 1,854 Syrian refugees have settled in the U.S.

The following statement is attributable to ACLU-NJ Executive Director Udi Ofer:

Udi Ofer

“As New Jerseyans, we’re deeply disappointed that Governor Christie would turn his back on refugees who are trying to escape exactly what he fears: terrorism. This kind of fear-mongering blames refugees for the very terror they are fleeing, and it erodes our civil rights and civil liberties.

“Resettlement of refugees is a matter handled by the U.S. State Department, not individual governors. States don’t have veto power in this area, and it would violate the Constitution for a governor to bar an entire group of refugees based on nationality, religion, race, or ethnicity.

“New Jersey in particular has been a haven for those who need refuge the most, and Christie’s sentiments go against American principles and the principles of the people of our state. We stand in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France commemorating our revolutionary devotion to freedom and a symbol of welcome to immigrants the world over.

“Christie’s extreme response to the question of Syrian refugees underestimates the safeguards in place to ensure our security. The United States is known for being painstakingly rigorous in screening refugees seeking to resettle in America. Christie’s blanket refusal to consider accepting even a small part of the largest flow of humanity since the Second World War speaks to an indiscriminate distrust of people who seek better lives on our shores.”