The ACLU of New Jersey submitted comments on the proposed rules for the implementation of the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act issued by the Department of Banking and Insurance.  

Sarah Fajardo, Policy Director of the ACLU of New Jersey, today released the following statement: 
“The ACLU of New Jersey welcomes the Department’s steps toward addressing, protecting and expanding equitable access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, through regulatory action. Throughout the state people who can become pregnant have a right to decide - free from discrimination, coercion and violence – when and whether to have a family, with the necessary information and resources to exercise that decision. As the Department reported to the Governor and the Legislature, comprehensive insurance coverage to cover abortion care and other reproductive health care is needed to advance the state’s policy in support of reproductive freedom. We support the proposed regulatory action and urge the Department to use its authority to eliminate remaining financial barriers like co-pays and cost-sharing. Everyone in New Jersey should be able to access this time-sensitive care when they need it, and high out of pocket costs disproportionately impacts communities already burdened by systemic barriers to healthcare, including immigrants, communities of color and people with low incomes.”