A few quick things you’ll want to know about the ACLU-NJ’s ED

Amol Sinha

On Aug. 23, the ACLU-NJ announced that New Jersey-raised advocate Amol Sinha will take the helm as its new executive director. His official start date is Sept. 1, but here are five facts to get to know Amol before he takes the top role.

  1. He’s Jersey to the core. He grew up in Lawrenceville and now lives in Jersey City, and he has family across the state.
  2. He’s already a part of the ACLU family. He was director of the Suffolk County Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union for five years, and he interned for the national ACLU during law school.
  3. Before coming to the ACLU-NJ, he ran state-level advocacy campaigns for the Innocence Project.
  4. He describes his perspective on life as one of solidarity. His experience growing up in New Jersey, as the son of immigrants from India, contributed to his strong sense of social justice.
  5. He recalls first hearing about the ACLU as a kid, watching “The American President.” “It was fictional, but the speech about being a card-carrying ACLU member struck a chord – the ACLU registered as something important,” he said. In school, the ACLU stood out to him for a different reason: in almost every major civil rights decision he read about, the ACLU was involved.

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