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Scott McDowell, Deputy Communications Director, 973-854-1707, 

November 8, 2023

NEWARK – New Jersey advocates are organizing a state-wide day of action to hand-deliver a Lame Duck agenda to legislators across the state, pressing them to pass critical legislation, much of which has languished for several months or more. Comprised of eleven New Jersey advocacy groups and dozens of community leaders, the group stands united in supporting legislation focused on social and racial justice. 

The Lame Duck agenda includes support for bills that would expand transparency and accountability in policing; make democracy more accessible and inclusive; build a fair and welcoming state for all people regardless of their immigration status; break down barriers to abortion access and ensure the expansion of necessary reproductive health care for LGBTQ+ families; protect trans students’ rights; and more. Additionally, the groups are pushing for legislators to make the Corporate Business Tax permanent to ensure that corporations pay their fair share in tax dollars to support the essential services all New Jerseyans need. 

“Collectively, our organizations represent hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents,” said the day of action organizers.” Together, we share a vision of a more equitable, accessible, and just New Jersey. Election Day may have passed, but there are just over two months left in the legislative session. We urge our lawmakers to prioritize racial and social justice legislation that will move New Jersey toward a state where every person has what they need to thrive.” 

"Critical legislation that moves our democracy forward has stalled for far too long," said Assatta Mann, Senior Organizer, League of Women Voters of New Jersey. "We will keep showing up united with other advocates and community members at district offices doors and in the halls of the State House to speak out on a range of issues from same-day voter registration to reproductive justice, as we fight for a more equitable state." 

“Lawmakers continue to overlook immigrant New Jerseyans, despite our communities making up nearly a quarter of the state. Over 2 million immigrants live in New Jersey, and over 55% of them are eligible to vote," said Erik Cruz Morales with New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice. "Outside our influence at the ballot box, today's statewide action demonstrates the growing organizing prowess of immigrants who are fighting for racial, social, and economic justice. Our communities stand ready to demand increased Language Access, visibility through Data Disaggregation, and protection from deportation and detention with the Values Act.” 

“Taking legislative action towards achieving racial and social justice can’t wait,” said ACLU-NJ Policy Director Sarah Fajardo. “With mere months left in this session, our lawmakers must enact bills for New Jerseyans to expand abortion access, protect immigrants' rights, build police accountability and transparency, and expand protections for democracy. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey is proud to join our partners in calling on elected officials to not just make promises for elections, but to enact them; and to not just hear from their constituents at the ballot, but to listen year-round.” 

Organizers include the ACLU of New Jersey, Garden State Equality, League of Women Voters of New Jersey, Make the Road NJ, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, NJ Citizen Action, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, New Jersey Policy Perspective, New Jersey Working Families Party, Salvation and Social Justice, and Wind of the Spirit NJ. There will be further actions during the Lame Duck session to ensure politicians are listening to their constituents.