In commemoration of the life of Bill Buckman, ACLU-NJ Legal Director Edward Barocas issues the following reflection on behalf of the organization.

"Bill Buckman spent his life in pursuit of justice for those who were not always able to demand it for themselves. A certified criminal trial attorney and past vice president of the ACLU of New Jersey, Buckman was a leading force in exposing racial profiling on the New Jersey Turnpike and one of a successful team of ACLU attorneys who sued the New Jersey State Police on behalf of minority motorists who had been victimized by the practice.

'He also represented numerous New Jersey State Police troopers who suffered retaliation after speaking out about misconduct within their ranks. Bill was a true believer in and a dedicated advocate for the principles of freedom, justice and equality and New Jersey is a better place because of the work he did.

'He was a man with a great sense of humor, a great sense of empathy and a great sense of justice. He will be greatly missed."