2021 Election Mailer

October 15, 2021

The right to vote carries a profound duty: to vote like our rights depend on it. This year, that responsibility is even greater.

New Jersey’s elections for statewide office are among the few that don’t coincide with federal elections — which makes turnout essential. The issues that affect us most are those decided at the state and local level.

The ACLU-NJ presents our 2021 election guide to arm you with information about where to vote, when to vote, and which issues to keep in mind as you vote.

In every election, whether the actual words appear on a ballot, we cast votes on issues that define our lives.

We decide whether all people have access to reproductive health care, including abortion or if we will leave people at risk.

We decide whether people will have the power to hold police accountable or if police will continue to get away with the most serious misconduct.

We decide whether all people have a fair shot in a criminal legal system marred by systemic racial disparities or if we continue to perpetuate injustice through unaccountable prosecutors and opaque processes.

We decide whether New Jersey is fair and welcoming to all community members, and treats immigrants with the dignity and respect we all deserve or if we will allow xenophobia and hate to guide policy decisions.

This election, you’re deciding the future of New Jersey. We hope that racial and social justice, civil rights, and liberty are at the forefront of your mind at the polls, and we hope this resource can help you as you participate in democracy. And when you vote, vote like your rights depend on it