2023 Election Mailer

October 6, 2023

Across the country, a rising social and political reckoning has led voters to think deeply about the values that guide their lives. 

With every single seat in the New Jersey Legislature up for election this fall, turnout will be essential – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

After a tumultuous year that brought renewed attacks on civil rights and civil liberties, it is time to vote with the gravity that these challenges demand – and with the hope of a brighter future we all deserve, because our vision for a fairer, more just New Jersey remains resolute. 

We know that the issues that affect us most are shaped by casting your ballot in state and local elections. That means the votes cast this November will have a lasting impact on all New Jerseyans’ lives.   

The ACLU-NJ's 2023 election guide highlights our most pressing civil rights priorities to help you vote your values and to make sure elected officials – who have the power and responsibility to advance inclusive, meaningful change – are held accountable to their constituents. 

Participating in elections is imperative to shaping the future of our state. Your vote has the power to push our elected leaders to overhaul policing, address the rampant racism that plagues our criminal legal system, and ensure accessibility to abortion care. 

When it comes time to cast your ballot this fall, you will decide what our future holds – we hope you vote like your rights depend on it.