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In Response to ACLU-NJ Lawsuit, ICE Releases Two People from Detention

April 1, 2020

Advocates continue to call for release of all people in immigrant detention to prevent the spread of infection.

ACLU Lawsuit Demands Release of High Medical Risk Immigration Detainees Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

March 30, 2020

Threat of coronavirus is grave in immigration detention, where social distancing is impossible

Voting Rights Advocates Urge Gov. Murphy and Sec. of State Way to Ensure Robust Elections During Public Health Crisis

March 27, 2020

The ACLU of New Jersey joined the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey to send a letter Thursday evening to Gov. Phil Murphy and Sec. of State Tahesha Way laying out steps that must be taken in order to ensure that upcoming elections in New Jersey are successful and robust, even during the current public health crisis.

Category: Elections & Voting

NJ Order to Release People in County Jails Breaks New Ground in COVID-19 Pandemic

March 23, 2020

NJ to release people detained in county jails who pose little risk to community

Law Requiring Nonprofits to Disclose Private Supporter Information Will Not Be Enforced, in First Amendment Victory

March 11, 2020

Enforcement of a law that forced organizations to disclose donors' personal information is halted permanently.

Categories: Privacy, Free Speech

Leading Marijuana Advocates to Form Campaign for NJ Ballot Question

March 9, 2020

Leading advocates are forming a campaign coalition to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis with social justice at the fore.

ACLU-NJ Applauds Civil Rights Measures in Proposed Budget and Urges Greater Funding for Deportation Defense

February 25, 2020

Gov. Phil Murphy delivered his annual budget address and announced his proposed budget, including items that align with the ACLU-NJ’s priorities, and the ACLU-NJ called on the Governor and Legislature to go even further to secure social justice in our state.

Category: Uncategorized

ACLU-NJ Response to DOJ Suit Over NJ's Immigrant Trust Directive

February 11, 2020

The Immigrant Trust Directive is an important way for law enforcement to build trust with New Jersey communities.

Category: Uncategorized

Historic Expansion of Rights Lays Foundation for Bolder Social Justice Policies

January 14, 2020

After a momentous 2019, in 2020, the urgency of our times demands we set our sights even higher.

Two Landmark Voting Rights Bills Pass NJ Legislature and Move to Murphy’s Desk

January 13, 2020

Passage of bills in Legislature to end prison-based gerrymandering and enable online voter registration - along with law re-enfranchising people on probation and parole signed in December - creates historic moment for voting rights.

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